Egenolf Ceramics x Willowick Candle

We are honored to introduce a special collection of candles made in collaboration with Egenolf Ceramics. 

Each ceramic vessels features Egenolf's signature crystalline glaze, created through an intricate process which manipulates temperature and time to allow zinc and other ingredients to naturally form crystals in the glaze. Egenolf says this process is “based on technology, but the result happens to be a work of art." As a result, each candle in this collection is one of a kind - no two pieces are the same. And the best part? You can reuse the vessel once your candle is gone! The fragrance, formulated specifically for this collaboration, features a soft blend of white amber, spiced vanilla, tobacco, and a kiss of patchouli.

Each Willowick candle is hand poured with all natural coconut wax, premium fragrance oil, and a wooden wick for an eco-friendly flame with optimal scent delivery. 



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