About Us

Willowick is a candle company started by musicians- Owner Tori Roper picked up candle making when she first moved to Los Angeles. The young songwriter found the whole process to be therapeutic, providing an escape from the chaos of a new city. She began passing out candles to her friends as a gifts and using them as decoration to make her new apartment feel like home. This lead to the development of what would become our first signature fragrances.

Tori's candle recipes were always inspired by classic songs - she would turn the song on repeat as she made candles and reimagine the music as a fragrance. This lead to one of her friends, Ryan Cabrera, suggesting that a collaboration to make a candle as merch for an upcoming tour. Before we even knew it was happening, the Willowick Artist Series was born.

The Willowick Artist Series places an emphasis on genuine songwriting. Artists can only join the series through invitation, and we strive to select musicians who are making the music world a better place with their artwork. We work closely with each artists to make sure that their candle fragrance is a perfect interpretation of the song inspiring the candle, allowing both the artist and their audience to experience the music in a whole new way.